[Central Organization of VOV Fans' and Fan Clubs' of Bangladesh]
Linking Vietnam with Amity,Cordiality and Friendship

VOV Spectators' Association of Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is not a land of thousand rivers also the land of DX activities. Millions of listeners with thousands of Radio Fans Clubs are available here. Plenty of World famous and renowned DXers are representing Bangladesh all over the world. There are also a vast of Voice of Vietnam's listeners, sprinkled all over Bangladesh. But they are not organized. 

“VOV Spectators Association of Bangladesh”, is the name of the organization, that operates its activities under the slogan, “Linking Vietnam with Amity, Cordiality and Friendship” the Central Organization of Voice of Vietnam’s Fan’s and Fans’ Clubs of Bangladesh..  


“VOV Spectators Association of Bangladesh”, born to organize all VOV Fans' and Fan Clubs' in a unique platform and spread their best practices and learning everywhere.